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  1. Hibert C., Malet J.-P., Bourrier F., Provost F., Berger F., Bornemann P., Tardif P. and Mermin E. 2017. Single-block rockfall dynamics inferred from seismic signal analysis. Earth Surface Dynamics, 5:283–292. PDF, DOI

  2. Marc V., Bertrand C., Malet J.-P., Carry N., Simler R. and Cervi F. 2017. Groundwater-Surface waters interactions at slope and catchment scales: implications for landsliding in clay-rich slopes. Hydrological Processes, 31(2):364–381. PDF, DOI

  3. Provost F., Hibert C. and Malet J.-P. 2017. Automatic classification of endogenous landslide seismicity using the Random Forest supervised classifier. Geophysical Research Letters,. PDF, DOI

  4. Stumpf A., Malet J.-P. and Delacourt Christophe 2017. Correlation of satellite image time-series for the detection and monitoring of slow-moving landslides. Remote Sensing of Environment, 189:40–55. PDF, DOI

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