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  1. Bièvre G., Jongmans D., Goutaland D., Pathier E. and Zumbo V. 2016. Geophysical characterization of the lithological control on the kinematic pattern in a large clayey landslide (Avignonet, French Alps). Landslides, 13(3):423–436. PDF, DOI

  2. Fernandez P. and Whitworth M. 2016. A new technique for the detection of large scale landslides in glacio-lacustrine deposits using image correlation based upon aerial imagery: A case study from the French Alps. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 52:1–11. PDF, DOI

  3. Mainsant G., Chambon G., Jongmans D., Larose E. and B. Laurent 2015. Shear-wave-velocity drop prior to clayey mass movement in laboratory flume experiments. Engineering Geology, 192:26–32. PDF, DOI

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