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  1. Palis E., Lebourg T., Tric E., Malet J.-P. and Vidal M. 2017. Long-term monitoring of a large deep-seated landslide (La Clapiere, South-East French Alps): initial study. Landslides, p.1–16. PDF, DOI

  2. Schlögel R., Malet J.-P., Doubre C. and Lebourg T. 2016. Structural control on the kinematics of the deep-seated La Clapière landslide revealed by L-band InSAR observations. Landslides, p.1–14. PDF, DOI

  3. Bois T., Tric E. and Lebourg T. 2014. Influence of inherited topography on gravitational slope failure: three-dimensional numerical modelling of the La Clapière slope, Alpes-Maritimes, France. Terra Nova, 26(5):354-362. PDF, DOI


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